Girls Varsity Track · Girls Varsity Track finishes 1st place VS SWestern/T Lutheran/Switz

  Place Points
JacCenDel High School 1st 97

Jac-Cen-Del host 3 teams in track on April 15 at 5pm. Teams at the meet included SW Hanover, Switzerland Co. and Trinity Lutheran.

Ladies – JCD 97, SC 77, SWH 39, TL 4

Men’s SWH 103, JCD 79, SC 35, TL 7

JCD Athletes scoring

Discus -1st LUKE COMER- NEW SCHOOL RECORD 144’3.5. Corbin White 2nd, Shaylee Volz 1st, Emma Newhart 2nd, McKenzie Gray 4th, Cassidy Harmeyer 5th

Shot -Corbin White 1st,\ Shaylee Volz 1st, McKenzie Gray 2nd, Emma Newhart 3rd, Cassidy Harmeyer 5th

Long – C Comer 2nd, J Jines 3rd,\ C Simon 1st, K Simon 2nd, M Gray 5th

High L Comer/C Comer 2nd, J Jines 4th, D Setters 5th,\ L Dilk 1st, D Hughes 2nd, E Wagner 4th

110H/100H – 2nd A Maloney,\ 1st C Simon, 2nd K Simon

100D – 5th J Jines,\ 4th R Hughes

1600m- J Pohle 1st,\ 3rd L Dilk, E Wagner 4th

300H A Maloney 3rd // C Simon 1st, K Simon 2nd

800M D Hughes 1st, A Rohls 4th// L Dilk 3rd, E Wagner 4th

200D L Comer 2nd, // R Hughes 3rd

3200M J Pohle 1st, // K Rohls 3rd

4×100 M-3rd//W-2nd

4×400 M-3rd//W- 2nd

4×800 M- 2nd//W-3rd